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A Former Member Of The Russian Special Forces Who Is Committed To Protecting Animals

Alexey Sedoy, a former member of the Russian Special Forces, has been living alone for the past two years. The former soldier has been maintaining a secret sanctuary on his farm in the Shakhovskoy district of the Moscow area, in the heart of a forest, where he spends his time raising young moose. Despite being far from his history, he now finds himself engaged in a different conflict: a struggle against poachers who have already murdered five of the forest’s eleven elk calves.

With the help of many, Alexey was able to gather money to build a security fence around a portion of the park, giving the local moose a little bit more protection.


No matter what day of the week it is, whether it is a holiday, or even if it is bad outside, Alexey is totally committed to watching over and taking care of a newborn moose. Always on the lookout for what the animal could require, he always finds a chore to assist with.

Currently, Alexey and his family are subsisting on the money they were given in the past; they live in a modest home that is currently being built. He promises to finish the rooms—what he refers to as the animal space—first, and himself and his wants last.


The guy stated in a Nat Geo interview:

The biggest artiodactyls in Russia are moose. This is strength and power. I first visited Sumarokovo (a moose farm in the Kostroma area run by Nika Samotskaya) in 2004, and shortly after that I had a dream about saving the moose. The animals treat you fairly; they don’t tell you the truth or mislead you. No matter what, if they love you, they will love you, and if they don’t, they will tell you straight away.


The former soldier makes it quite obvious that these developing creatures need to be fed every four hours; otherwise, the newborn elk has very little chance of surviving. Alexey has therefore assumed his duty as mother, father, and protector of the forest creatures with a lot of love and complete dedication.


Currently, Alexey is guarding 4 moose called Agat, Turquoise, Saphira, and Yantar, as well as an 8-month-old wolf, at the sanctuary. He has a remarkable dedication to the care of the animals, and he is in charge of maintaining order to ensure their entire comfort and safety.

The wolf pup named Buran needed particular care due to major digestive issues when he arrived with Alexey.

Alexis stated:

I’m happy to see Buran as he is right now: young, healthy, attractive, content, happy, smiling, and cunning.