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Even At The Age Of 20, The Dog Still Cuddles Up To His Toy Banana

Tessa is a little puppy that likes her mother, but she pales in comparison to her stuffed banana; she is content cuddling with her toy, even though it is simply made of fabric and filling; it is her most prized item.

When another dog she adopted broke Tessa’s favorite toy, Shanna Loren, the little girl’s adoptive mother, got her the strange toy five years ago.

According to Shanna, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I found it in a trash can at a pet store, but I recognized it as the size of the toys she like, so I gave it to her right away.”


Tessa proudly displays her prized toy to visitors and ensures that it is seen and appreciated.

Shanna continued:

“She wants everyone to recognize him before they leave him, and she places him in the bed he prefers when she leaves him.”


Tessa doesn’t allow her age or hearing loss stop her from achieving her goals, as her mother observes:

“We tell the visitors that they saw her banana so she may lie down; it’s interesting how our friends holler at her now that she’s deaf.” I LIKE YOUR BANANA, TESSA!”


Shanna’s thoughts:

“She’s never treated it as a ‘toy,’ it’s her prized possession and her life.”

Tessa believes that you can never be too old to cuddle with your favorite toy, and her family agrees.