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Bus Driver Helps Two Lost Dogs Get Home For Christmas

Bus driver Jamie Grabowski was heading back to the station after her shift on December 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when she noticed something on the road that drew her attention. It was a chilly night.

Jamie felt she had to stop and attempt to save the two stray dogs that were fleeing frightened through the chilly streets.

Jamie can be seen stopping the bus and opening the driver’s side window to call the dogs on the surveillance camera footage. Thankfully, they answered his call.

The canines were eventually transferred to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC), the sole facility in Milwaukee County devoted to housing and caring for stray animals, by an officer in his police cruiser.

The Pitbull and Doberman Pinscher, both around two years old, were deemed to be in good health and “extremely lovely and lively” by MADACC employees.

Twitter/ @RideMCTS

Although what Jamie did for these puppies is a lesson in love and compassion, it must have felt like a Christmas miracle to the frightened family of these two canines, who had been out all night looking for them.

Twitter/ @RideMCTS

Jamie went above and above without hesitation to make sure they were reunited with their family.

Traffic officials reported:

“Two and a half miles from where Jamie discovered the dogs, it turned out that they had managed to escape from their family’s yard. Jamie, an animal enthusiast who jokingly refers to herself as a “dog whisperer,” expressed her gratitude for being at the right place at the right time to assist the two “very lovely guys.””

The pups were delivered to her family safely and in time for Christmas thanks to this wonderful individual.