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A Sweet Hairless Dog Is Rescued From The Streets And Now Sports A White And Fluffy Mane, She Also Found A Forever Family

A hairless dog roamed the Houston, Texas, streets for several months (United States). The animal was walking the road in search of food and water when it came across a woman in a parking lot and approached her for assistance. She gave him food and put a necklace around his neck.

The rescuer decided to share Gardenia’s tale on Facebook in an effort to locate her a foster home. Caitie Evers learned of the dog’s situation in this way and made the decision to assist it.

The Dodo was informed by Caitie:

“I have a reputation as a mange case enthusiast. People send me messages or mention me in posts when they see a stray dog with mange.


Gardenia was an adorable, gentle, terrified, small dog that wanted to be loved on the inside, but Caitie understood that she must have endured a lot of abuse from others due to her appearance.


When the lady went to the veterinarian, they determined that Gardenia had demodectic mange, a skin condition brought on by the Demodex canis mite, which is present in the hair follicles of dogs and cats. It is not infectious and is readily treated with medicine.


Caitie recalls:

She evidently had scabies for a while since she had a ton of them and secondary scabies infections all over her. His entire back was raw, and it was pretty awful.

As the scabies was treated and she healed, Gardenia appeared uncomfortable and was quite itchy, which made her a little more reserved. Nevertheless, she started to recover gradually thanks to the medicines and therapeutic baths, and her fur had already started to grow back.

Caitlin stated:

“At first, she was quite reserved. She didn’t engage in any play or cuddling; she simply hung out. The poor girl was dejected. She appeared to despise life and be giving up.


Gardenia’s personality returned as quickly as she did. The dog was beginning to play and appear joyful; she loved to leap and was enthralled by the family dog.

The lady continued:

“During the first two weeks, it’s difficult to detect changes; then, suddenly, a new dog appears. She has since become so fluffy and lovely.