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A Homeless Puppy With A Seriously Injured Paw And Was Sick, Enters A Veterinary Center In Order To Ask For Help

Thanks to a video recorded by the location’s security camera, the touching account of a sick dog that walks into a veterinarian clinic by himself to seek medical assistance because he had an injured paw has reached far beyond its bounds.

Only the veterinary clinic in the middle of the Brazilian city of Juazeiro Norte, in the state of Ceará, was invaded by the stray dog. The dog apparently needed assistance and opted to enter since his instinct told him that people may be able to assist him here.

The moment the dog walks inside the veterinarian clinic on its own to receive treatment is captured on video by the security camera.


The personnel were conversing at the counter while they worked while a woman sat in a chair waiting for assistance with her pet. The dog moved his paw as if pleading for assistance as he made his way to the main door on one leg that was severely damaged.

Dayse Silva, the neighborhood vet, spotted him and came over to the animal right away to take a good look at what was going on.


Dayse said as quoted by G1 Globo:

He arrived here alone, is a street person, and has no owner. I observed him laying behind a tree shortly before he entered the clinic when I watched the exterior security camera footage. I rushed to check what was happening when he came and exhibited his leg; when I got there, I saw that he had blood on his chest and a nail damage.

The animal may have visited the clinic because it detected other dogs and felt secure there, according to the veterinarian. Although all of the employees at the establishment are accustomed to seeing stray dogs walk by, they were all taken aback by the puppy’s noble demeanor.


The vets at the clinic opted to conduct a general medical examination to ascertain his state of health after attending to his most minor wounds. Sadly, the test findings revealed that the dog had a transmittable venereal tumor, for which he required immediate medical attention.

Fortunately, the vet Dayse said that she would take care of the homeless dog’s medical needs after learning the tragic tale.

The puppy, whose name has yet to be determined, must stay in the hospital for at least 30 days in order to get chemotherapy for the malignant tumor. The dog will eventually be offered for adoption, depending on its development.

Dayse is a member of an organization for animal protection and routinely aids animals in need, but she can not conceal her joy at assisting the dog.


The dog just underwent his first round of chemotherapy, and it was discovered that he responded favorably to the treatment, which is wonderful news for people who know about the puppy.

Dayse said as quoted by G1 Globo:

“It’s lovely. Excited, smart, and quite different from how he was when he first arrived. He’s stopped bleeding, and he’s not in any discomfort. He responded well to the first round of chemotherapy, and we’ll monitor each successive treatment to see how he does.

The animal will require four to seven chemotherapy sessions, according to the specialists, but this important piece of information will be looked at day by day.