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Hairless Guinea Pigs That Look Like Pocket-Sized Hippos Are Known As ‘Skinny Pigs.’

Do you remember the TV ad from years ago that was essentially a PSA about not trusting everything you see on television?

Come on, you know what I’m talking about. We all fell in love with the notion of having a little hippo roaming about our kitchens at night since it was put up like a nature documentary about the elusive “North American House Hippo.”

I remember seeing the commercial, and I remember completely getting the message because I assumed house hippos were the *real deal*.

Credits: Awkward Animals

Yes, a commercial intended to teach us that television isn’t always trustworthy had me persuaded that there was a small hippo hiding in my house.

I think I even started hunting for small hippos around my house, convinced that if I just gazed at the kitchen floor long enough, I’d find one and (fingers crossed) catch one!

Credits: Awkward Animals

I filed them away with the other bitter pills I had to take as a child (no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy), and went about my business.

But, if you’ve given up hope of a happy, boring world without house hippos, I have good news for you: they do exist!

Okay, officially, they’re hairless guinea pigs, not hippos, but tell me these guys aren’t pocket-sized hippos after one glance.

Credits: Awkward Animals

This type of guinea pig, known as “Skinny Pigs,” is hairless save for a few whiskers on their muzzles, feet, and legs, and is the product of cross-breeding done in 1978.

Back then, scientists crossed a hairless guinea pig with one of their hairless lab strains, and the result was this adorable hippo-like rodent!

Credits: Awkward Animals

Skinny Pigs have grown in favor as house pets in Europe and North America over the years.

Credits: Awkward Animals

Although they don’t seem like the hairy guinea pigs you’re used to seeing, these silky cuties aren’t all that dissimilar to their hairless counterparts.

They’re sociable, friendly, and *endearingly adorable*.

Credits: Awkward Animals

The only significant difference is that these guys need to consume more to keep their body temperature stable, and they should always have easy access to warm blankets.