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In The Middle Of Escaping From Hurricane Harvey, A Kind Teen Saves Orphaned Squirrels

Bailee Villavaso, 15, and her family were forced to flee New Orleans after Hurricane Ida hit the city last month.

Even in the midst of her tragedy, Villavaso had time to save a few small souls whose lives had been turned upside down by the enormous storm.

It all started when she came across a nest on the ground.


A squirrel nest had fallen from a tree to the grass below as a result of the hurricane strong gusts. Three baby squirrels were inside, but their mother was nowhere to be seen.

Villavaso was aware that she needed to assist. Before coming to the rescue, she dashed home to get a box and a towel.

Villavaso told The Dodo, “I cleaned up the squirrels with the towel and put them in the box with bedding.” “The squirrels were sluggish and snuggled together to remain warm.”

The good-hearted adolescent, however, did more than just bring them inside from the cold.


To discover how to feed the young squirrels, Villavaso contacted a family friend who is a veterinarian.

Villavaso had officially become the squirrels’ adopted mother, and they seemed to be aware of it.


“As soon as the squirrels ate, they began to acquire vitality. They brightened up enough to run and play after approximately 24 hours,” Villavaso added. “The squirrels began climbing and chasing after me.”

They were given the names Alvin, Simon, and Theodore by Villavaso.


Villavaso took the squirrels with her as she and her family fled, keeping them secure and nourished along the journey.

Her contributions have been recognized.


Villavaso understands that raising orphaned squirrels is a job best left to the pros, so she’s making preparations.

“I contacted some animal rehabbers, but they claimed they were swamped with squirrels following the hurricane,” she added. “I will continue to contact animal rehabilitation centers.”

In the meanwhile, Villavaso is glad to be watching after for the infants she saved while she and many others who have been displaced by the disaster strive to get back on their feet.


“I am definitely an animal lover!” Villavaso said.