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With The Help Of His Two Siblings, This Crafty Corgi Takes Leftovers, And His Mother Records The Action In A Humorous Video

Hugo lives with his mother Line Froystad and his siblings and is a clever corgi. This tiny dog is rather naughty, and despite his diminutive stature, he manages to get away with a few misdemeanors with the aid of his siblings, who are usually by his side.

Hugo constantly wants to do what his Collie brothers do, so he rushes about and mimics what they do.

According to Line, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Border collies are unconcerned since he jumps on their backs all the time. It’s something he’s done since he was a puppy.


Hugo’s tiny legs make it difficult for him to participate in some activities, but his mother was astounded to see how the corgi solved his problem.

Count the lines:

“I observed the corgi hopping on the backs of the border collies to get to the food after supper.” I was standing there staring at them and thinking how nice it was. So I offered him some assistance, and he was overjoyed.


The woman had forgotten about the plates with the supper leftovers near the stove, which drew Hugo’s interest, and with a little assistance, he was able to reach the dish. Line snatched up her camera and managed to capture the entire incident.

Addition of a line:

“As soon as he woke up, he went straight for the meal.” He should have shared with the two border collies, but he didn’t.


Hugo’s dexterity in resolving difficulties makes Line pleased, and he realizes how fortunate he is to have his two brothers with him at all times. They’re quite close. When they go swimming, he normally chases them down, hops on their backs, and they let him do anything he wants.

Hugo may be little, but his brothers unquestionably allow themselves to be led by him and to partake in all of his shenanigans. With his events, he makes everyone happy.

Addition of a line:

«He’s a very amusing dog.» We constantly make fun of him.