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A Brave Little Bird Was Caught Stealing Fur From a Sleeping Fox

Normally, it’s simple to imagine this tiny bird doing everything she can to avoid foxes.

However, when it comes to comfort, it appears to be worth the risk.

Texas Backyard Wildlife recently posted a fascinating video of a black-crested titmouse having an unusual encounter with a sleeping fox.
The bold bird is repeatedly observed landing on the fox, who appears to be upset by the jostling in his desire to sleep.

What exactly is the titmouse up to? She’s actually there to steal the fox’s fur, as Texas Backyard Wildlife explains:

Despite the bird’s disturbances, the fox decided to try to sleep for a while. She got exactly what she wanted in the end.

“Once she was sure the fox wouldn’t harm her, she started to work picking out fur, and the fox let her!” Backyard Wildlife in Texas penned this article. “We were taken aback.”