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Cutest Bear Cub Attempts Border Crossing Without Documents

A passenger attempted to cross the US-Canadian border but was unable to do so due to a lack of required documents. This passenger, on the other hand, was adamant about crossing the border. The cutest traveller was a charming bear cub who couldn’t decide whether she wanted to go to Alaska or Canada.

This bear cub was allegedly alone and hunting for food. A nearby animal rescue center also told a news source that they were looking for the youngster because they were concerned about how it would endure the harsh winter.

After her mother passed away, the young explorer was given the nickname “Annie” after “little Orphan Annie.” Fortunately, the Northern Lights Wildlife Society was able to deceive the hungry cub into returning to the shelter.

Once the winters were over, the Society planned to release the cub into the wild. They are also aware of the underweight cub and are supplying it with all of the nourishment it requires.

People went crazy over the Canadian Border Agency Service’s Facebook post. They thought it was quite adorable. They couldn’t get over how adorable she was.

The bear is doing well currently, but she only weighs about 20 pounds, despite the fact that she should weigh around 50 pounds. This is a source of concern for the shelter. It is different for bears among them once they start to eat a proper diet they start to grow.

Bear encounters with humans are quite prevalent in the winter because that’s when they’re out looking for food.

People have been showering her with affection. She’s a lovely little girl. She should, on the other hand, have a passport with several visas so that she can travel wherever she wishes in the future.

In the end, we wish her all the best for her future adventures in life!