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A Squirrel Unable To Walk Gets Adopted By A Man Who Saw Him All Alone In The Woods, Now Has A Loving Home

28-year-old Igor Grishin, who lives in Karelia, Russia, faced something unexpected one day while walking into the woods. He saw a squirrel unable to walk.

Poor guy!

Grishin told Bored Panda that decided to take home this little creature. Now his name is Chippy.

“He is always making me laugh, distracting me from the worries of everyday life. I am very happy that we met each other,” Grishin told Bored Panda.

Grishin is taking care now of Chippy and they have a strong friendship now.

They are best friend.

This is a great example of giving a second chance to those kinds of animals that are struggling in their life.