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An Elderly Woman Reunites With Her Missing Cat After Four Years

Dora, an old woman, lost everything in a severe earthquake that hit central Italy four years ago. She not only lost her house and possessions, but she also lost her pet cat.

The terrified cat left and did not return in the midst of the disaster’s commotion and uncertainty. Dora assumed she had lost her cat for ever and would never see him again. This is the most heartbreaking loss for Dota since the cat is a part of her family who has provided her with hugs and unconditional affection over the years.

The cat then mysteriously reappeared four years later, four years after he had gone missing. Dota was taken aback when she was reunited with her beloved pet cat. The two softly contact foreheads, and the cat begins to cuddle his loving person. They are clearly thrilled to be reunited after a four-year separation.

Fortunately, Dora’s cat appeared to be relatively well-fed and healthy despite being gone for such a long time. Nobody knows where he’s been for the last four years, but it’s clear that he had been eating well during his travels.