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Yana Is A Two-Faced Cat Whose Parents Ran Out Of Ink

Being two-faced is typically regarded as a negative trait. Unless, of course, you’re Yana the cat. Because, as you can see, this cute chimera feline has the most stunning, one-of-a-kind markings. Her parents appear to have run out of ink while drawing her in!

In July 2016, the cat was advertised in a classified ad on the Belarussian website Nasha Niva. She was on the lookout for a new owner, and she didn’t have to look long! Elizabeth, an architect and design student from Orsha, Belarus, currently resides with her at Minsk’s National Technical University.

Not only that, but she’s also become an internet celebrity, having over 16k Instagram followers! However, we’re not surprised. What’s not to like about that face?