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In The Rain, A Photographer Observes Two Frogs Having A Beautiful Hug

Wildlife photographer Ajar Setiadi has been fascinated by the lives of the wild creatures and reptiles that live the area around his home in Bogor, Indonesia, since he was a youngster. His passion for animals led him to pursue a career as a professional animal photographer.

For years, his camera has been his greatest companion and a method for him to communicate his love for nature. He has dedicated his life to recording the rare snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, and insects that he spends a lot of time studying.

Ajar has gained a fantastic capacity to photograph little creatures experiencing remarkable emotional experiences after spending so much time behind the lens of his camera.

In the rain, a photographer observes frogs hugging.


When it rains, Ajar likes to watch the white tree frogs take safety behind the huge leaves and dense foliage to avoid getting wet.

During a storm in February, the photographer saw that a little frog appeared to protect its partner in a lovely way from the rain as they sought shelter behind some flowers. He did not pause for a second before taking a picture of that special moment.


 Ajar, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I was only able to get a few shots because this is a  amazing chance.”


It takes a lot of patience to have these interactions in front of the camera, but Ajar feels it’s always worth it. If it means seeing beautiful natural events, the wildlife photographer is willing to spend time in the rain.

Finally, Ajar expressed his thoughts as follows:

“I let [the animals] do their thing. All I have to do now is wait for the ideal opportunity.


Visit Ajar’s personal Instagram account to learn a little more about his nature photography.