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The Cutest Twins Ever Are Tiniest Little Tortoises

What could be more adorable than a baby tortoise? Obviously, there are two baby tortoises.

Chris Leone, the founder of the tortoise breeding and conservation organization Garden State Tortoise LLC, was waiting for a clutch of western Hermann’s tortoise eggs to hatch this week when he observed one of the hatchlings struggling to get out of his egg. Leone doesn’t typically help with the hatching process, but something pushed him to do so, and he discovered the sweetest little surprise.

Inside were two teeny-tiny turtle twins, both connected to the same yolk while the larger one attempted to break free. Leone described them as “little beauties” in a Facebook post, saying they were “fully formed” and healthy.

And they are, even down to their tortoise claws, which are identical.

Leone had to assist them in detaching from the sack – and each other – once the yolk had been digested. He and a colleague wrapped dental floss over the connecting section, which allowed them to separate on their own a few days later. In a video showing the procedure, he commented, “It’s usually better not to tamper with these creatures, but sometimes it’s necessary.” “In this circumstance, our assistance was critical to their lives.”

Leone also shared a snapshot of them when they were just a few days old. While one hatchling is somewhat larger than the other, they’re both around the size of a quarter – and quite cute.

While it’s reasonable that you want to go out and buy your own pet tortoise, keep in mind that, as with any pet, it’s always better to start with your local shelter. Many states even have tortoise and turtle rescue organizations.