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A Woman Sees Her Cat Enter The Room With A Note Tucked Under His Collar

There’s no doubt that this adorable cat, called Rex Manning (or just Rex for short), adores his owner Emily Crane, but he still has lots of love to give.

Crane just discovered that endearing fact in an unexpected way.


Crane discovered that his feline charms were genuinely uncontainable not long after rescuing Rex as a kitten eight years ago. While some cats are wary of strangers, Rex was the polar opposite, eagerly seeking love from anybody who could pet him.

Crane told The Dodo, “He likes attention, especially when it arrives with good, behind the ear scratching.”

Crane and her friends had always done their best to spoil Rex, but the cat began to believe that the world outside might provide him with much more.


“He started requesting to go outside at a very young age,” Crane said. “I’d release him out the back door and keep an eye on him from my second-floor kitchen window.”

Crane gradually began to give Rex more and more freedom to explore the area, which he eagerly took advantage of. Rex became friends with almost everyone he encountered on their travels, sometimes even going ahead of Crane with neighborly introductions.

“I believe a lot of folks in this area are looking forward to seeing a nice kitten,” Crane added.

However, Crane discovered the other day that Rex was doing more than just stopping by to say hello to passers-by.


When Crane saw Rex come home from one of his escapades, he discovered a letter fastened to his collar.

“He pranced inside with it, as if he understood he needed to make a delivery,” Crane recalled.

Despite the fact that the message revealed quite a secret, the cat didn’t have the appearance of an unsuspecting carrier. Rex had been two-timing Crane and their home’s immaculate beautiful bathroom fittings, it turned out:


“Hello!” begins the note. “This is your red-house next-door neighbor!” We just wanted to let you know that Rex has developed a strange obsession with our bathtub and will sneak into our house to sit in it! This is completely OK to everyone in the home because we all adore Rex. We simply wanted to let you know in case you were curious about his whereabouts one of these days… He’s most likely in our bathtub.3 “The White House.”

Crane, on the other hand, didn’t seem jilted at all (albeit her tub was unavailable for comment):

“When I found the message, I couldn’t stop giggling,” she added. “It was adorable,” says the narrator.


Crane has yet to meet the neighbors who gave the note, but she affixed a thank-you note on Rex’s collar. Nothing less than the best for Rex.

Crane told The Dodo, “He is definitely a character!”


Crane and Rex live in a close-knit community, and the lovely kitten is clearly intelligent, so she’s happy letting him explore and be himself – a fact that’s clearly appreciated by the locals:

“I admire Rex’s friendliness with strangers,” Crane remarked. “I can tell it improves their day to offer a pet to a gorgeous, sociable kitty cat if they’re interested.”