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My Rats Create Art and Use It To Spread Joy Via Their Paintings

Our mission at Marty Mouse House is to provide joy and smiles to our community. Pet rats are frequently underappreciated as great pets. I aim to make people happy via narrative and artistic photography.
Our sons have been painting for years and their work brings delight to others. Each one is one-of-a-kind and distinctive, thanks to the use of ball-drags and other techniques.
The current auction is scheduled to finish on July 17th. 

#2 Unicorm Sneeze, By Nickels

#3 Footsie-Wootsie And. The Classy Canary, By Beesley

#4 Morning Scrum For Nanner Chips, By Chip

#5 Artist Augie

#6 Duck Dodgers And The Canbas Ob Chaos! By Bert

#7 I Fink Narwhals Are Just Wetter Unicorms , By Nickels

#8 Doctor Cerulius Meets The Blue-Buggles, By Beesley

#9 I’m Yer Huckleberry, By Chip

#10 Sure Bert, Or Sherbert? By Bert

#11 Cosmo In Mid-Arting

#12 Some Daffy Dragons Had A Bubblegum Battle, By Beesley

#13 That’s One Big Guppy Buster, By Bert

#14 Burpleson Butterfly Bites It Bigtime! By Beesley And Chip, Feat. Nickels And Bert

#15 Unicorm Rumble On Sketti Night, By Nickels

#16 These Unicorms Snorted Too Much Pixie Dust, By Nickels

#17 These Unicorms Snorted Too Much Pixie Dust II: Oh No – Those Birdos Are Not Edible! By Nickels

#18 Cosmo’s Art In Progress