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The Last Wish Of This Elderly Woman With Terminal Cancer Is That Her Dogs Find A Home

Gloria Gutierrez received a fatal cancer diagnosis, was forced to enter a hospice, and now worries much about what will happen to her cherished dogs Vera, Brandy, Light, Mega, Bruno, and Doll. After her families abandoned the six dogs, the elderly widow saved them from the streets of San Antonio, Texas.

God’s Dog Rescue volunteer Rachel Cannady said:

“She refers to these dogs as her babies, and she adores spending time with them. Although she is quite erratic, she is aware of the dogs and guards her closely.

The 3-year-old doll has the most tragic backstory of them; her adoptive father was arrested, she was abandoned altogether, and she was ran over while crossing the road, losing the use of her legs at the back.

Vicky Esperanza, Gutiérrez’s daughter, says:

She walks with her back legs dragged and is completely paralyzed. She had a severe case of scabies when we found her. Because no one provided her food and they flung stones at her, she may have been hiding beneath a filthy trailer full with rats.

Doll’s life was altered by Gutierrez, who showed the other dogs and her a lot of unwavering affection.

As she stated to The Dodo:

“Love is all they know. They sleep in my mother’s bed with her every night and have always been with her.

It is hard for Gutierrez’s daughter to adopt her mother’s since she is also ill and is responsible for two dogs.

Vera and Bruno have many prospective adopters already because of Rachel, but the others are still looking for someone who wants to add them to their family.