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Miles Away From Any Ocean, A Lost Little Puffin Returns

When a man noticed a puffin roaming around miles from the coast, seemingly bewildered and confused, a tranquil morning on a country lane rapidly turned into a weird spectacle.

The man realized the puffin wasn’t supposed to be there, so he carefully captured him and placed him in a box before bringing him home and contacting the RSPCA for assistance.

Credit: RSPCA

“It appears that the puffin got lost and ended up landing inland, around three miles from the shore, and was unable to get airborne again,” said Shane Lynn, an RSPCA animal rescue officer in a news statement. “I was ecstatic when I got the call because I’d never been out to a puffin before.” But I was also concerned for the tiny fellow, as I knew he shouldn’t be that far inland.”

Credit: RSPCA

Lynn walked out to fetch the little puffin, who appeared to be a little depressed at being so far from the ocean. After taking him to the vet for a checkup and offering him a well-deserved snack, it was discovered that he was perfectly well and had only gotten himself turned about.

“Thankfully, he was unharmed, and we suspect he was simply disoriented and landed in the wrong place,” Lynn explained.

Credit: RSPCA

Lynn explained, “He hopped down onto the sand and then flew off across the sea and into the distance.” “It was truly magnificent to witness; there is no better feeling than releasing a wild animal to its natural habitat.”