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On Camera, A Dog Saves A 14-Year-Old Dog That Has Fallen Into The Pool

Luna and Caipirinha are two adorable small puppies that share an extraordinary and close bond. One of them was caught on the house’s security video rescue the other, a 14-year-old girl who had fallen into the pool. Luna’s vision has deteriorated as a result of her elderly age, and she accidentally slipped into the sea.

Julieta Firpo, the dogs’ mother, was taken aback when she saw Luna enter the home dripping wet; it seemed unusual that she had opted to go swimming in the pool, given Luna’s lack of adventure.


When Julieta looked at the security cameras, she saw that Luna had fallen into the water by mistake while strolling around the patio and was stuck there with no way out. If it hadn’t been for Caipirinha’s efforts to preserve her great companion, the unfortunate dog would have drowned.

When Caipirinha noticed Luna was in distress, she tried desperately to rescue her, anguishedly instructing the other dog on how to move closer to the shallow end of the water, then pulling her collar and dragging her to safety.

According to Juliet, who spoke to The Dodo,

“We couldn’t believe it when we viewed the footage.”

The horrible tragedy did not have deadly repercussions thanks to Caipirinha’s devotion for her sister and best friend Luna, and now the mother of the dogs is considering protecting the pool area so that Luna is secure at all times.


Capirinha’s love to her wonderful pal Luna makes Julieta and her family extremely happy and proud.

She continued, ”

«Caipirinha was already the house’s spoilt brat. She is now our heroine.