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When A Man Goes Outside, He Discovers A Whole Family Of Bears In His Car

Chad Morris was enjoying a quiet vacation with his family in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when his parents began yelling at him to come outdoors. He dashed outside their cabin to investigate the noise and couldn’t believe what he saw.

There was a whole family of bears in the driveway, and it looked like they were attempting to take his automobile.


Morris told The Dodo, “As soon as I noticed them, they were going up to my car, and the three cubs climbed in.”

The three bear cubs had a great time rolling around inside Morris’ car, playing in the driver’s seat, leaning out the windows, and messing around with everything they could find inside the car as the mom grizzly stood nearby watching.


The bears were well aware that Morris and his parents were observing from a safe distance, but they seemed unconcerned by their presence and went about their business of destroying property and attempting car theft.

“They spotted us standing about snapping photos, but they didn’t bother us,” Morris explained.


When the bear cubs realized the car wasn’t going anywhere and they’d had enough of it, they cautiously hopped out — and then attempted to seize the other automobile sitting in the driveway as well.

“They climbed out the windows and two of them stepped up next to my mother and father’s car, but their windows were up,” Morris explained. “They headed back down the mountain together, off in the woods, after five more minutes of strolling around the cars.”


Morris rushed over to evaluate the damage after the bears had vanished into the woods, and was shocked at how well his automobile had weathered despite being ravaged by three exuberant bear cubs.