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A Man Discovers Signs That His Tortoise Has Been Partying Without Him

Sure, Odette the tortoise likes spending time with her owner, Thomás Tavares, but just because they’re best friends doesn’t mean she has to include him in everything she does all of the time, right?

Normally, the 4-year-old red-footed tortoise, who lives with Thomás in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is allowed to walk freely throughout the house and yard. Odette has been known to hide in a secret location for a day or two to get away from her housemate, but she always reappears after a day or two to catch a snack.

That is, at least, how it typically goes.

Thomás was heartbroken late last month when his beloved tortoise vanished and did not reappear after several days. Then many days stretched into weeks, and she was still missing.

Was she hurt in some way? Had she gotten away and become disoriented? Thomás was worried ill since he had no idea.

Meanwhile, Odette was having the time of her life away from him, as he soon learned.

Thomás told The Dodo, “She was gone for three weeks, till last weekend.” “I was walking out the door with my mother when I noticed her crossing the street back to our house. Then I realized something was wrong with her shell.”

Odette’s shell had become inexplicably covered in stickers – gleaming gold heart-shaped stickers. Thomás was relieved to see her again, but he couldn’t figure out where she’d gone.

He laughed, “I joked that she had been at Carnaval and was just coming home.”

The reality, on the other hand, was not that far off.

Thomás was called by Bia Ruffoni, a friend who lives nearby, not long after he posted the photo above on Facebook, with many speculating about Odette’s experiences. She turned out to be able to explain where the stickers originated from.

“We were cleaning the home in preparation for my niece’s 2nd birthday celebration when we noticed a tortoise in the yard. She walked right in because the gate must have been open “The Dodo was informed by Bia. “My niece was so delighted that she invited everyone in to see what was going on. It was incredible.”

That’s when the small girl decided to add some decorations to the unexpected visitor’s shell. “‘Wonderful turtle — beautiful!” she said. Bia remembered something.

Tortoises like Odette are certainly attractive (even without the stickers).

Despite the fact that Odette had undoubtedly taken a long time to get to the party, she seemed to have decided to make an early start on the journey back home, should Thomás become concerned about her. Bia claims that when additional visitors arrived and her niece became preoccupied, the tortoise vanished just as suddenly as she had appeared.

When Thomás learned that Odette wasn’t actually lost, but rather out partying, he was both impressed and a little left out.

“I think it’s wonderful, but I’m a little upset,” he explained. “She could invite me to join her on her next journey.” “I despise being confined to my house.”

Bia says she would welcome them both back with open arms:

“Thomás is always welcome,” says the speaker. Odette is now as well!