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Dog Who Faced The Wall To Avoid Humans Recovers Amazingly

Dogs are clever and sensitive creatures who love their families wholeheartedly and have unwavering devotion. Despite this, some individuals abuse these helpless animals, regardless of the physical and psychological harm they may have sustained, which has a negative impact on their behavior.

There are numerous tales of abused dogs, but this one stands out for its remarkable physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation.

ngel is a dog that was rescued by PAWS Animal Rescue after a canine guardian reported the sad animal’s plight.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

The dog was rescued from a home where she had been abused, but she had suffered significant psychological harm as a result of her fear of humans. Volunteers from the shelter drove her to her facility, where she was given food, a warm bed, and treatment for her scabies.

PAWS Animale Rescue wrote on Facebook:

“Unfortunately, she had the battered look that many animals have when they first arrive…she was thin and underweight, had mange, and was coated in filth,” says the rescue chevalier.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

The heartbreaking moment when Ángel arrives at the shelter and sadly performs the unusual behavior was captured in a video.

The rescuers were patient with the dog, and as the days passed she gradually came out of her shell. A week later, another abused dog was rescued by the shelter, from a location close to where Angel had been found.

paws said:

“It was evident from the way the two dogs greeted each other that they had both come from the same place and were probably siblings as their color and age were very similar.”

Since his so-called brother arrived, Ángel decided to change his attitude more quickly, he seemed more confident, and he always wanted to be with him.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

A video was taken of the painful moment when ngel arrived to the shelter and regrettably displayed the peculiar behavior.

The rescuers were gentle with the dog, and she gradually came out of her shell as the days passed. A week later, the shelter rescued another tortured dog from a site near where Angel had been discovered.

paws commented:

“It was clear from the way the two dogs greeted one other that they had both come from the same spot and were most likely siblings because their color and age were so similar.”

Since the arrival of his so-called brother, ngel has chosen to modify his attitude more rapidly, appears more confident, and constantly wants to be with him.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

paws commented:

“Angel greeted his new brother, Cliff, and glued to his side, either cuddling into his bed or simply following him about.”

Cliff was gentler with humans and completely trusted them, demonstrating traits that Angel would eventually attempt to emulate. His sibling seemed to be training him to trust others, as he continually approached the staff to assure them that everything was alright.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

Angel recognized he was secure and among friends after a month and began to engage with the workers and animals. Gone are the days of anguish that prevented him from living in peace, and he is now content to be able to play with his brother.

Her psychiatric troubles vanished and she regained her faith in people, which is a lovely and emotional story to share.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

The shelter decided to publish the remarkable tale on Facebook, which drew the attention of a large number of people who donated generously to both dogs. Many individuals wanted to adopt the abused dog as a result of the widespread coverage of her tale in the media, and she was quickly adopted.

An Irish couple who is part of the shelter’s network of collaborators was interested in adopting ngel since their dog was lonely.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue

paws commented:

“Michael and Theresa McGrath, a wonderful couple and long-time supporters of Paws Animal Rescue, contacted us to say they had room on their sofa for a friend for their rescue greyhound, Jaego, and were hoping to meet Angel.”

They made the necessary travel arrangements to meet her; it was love at first sight for Jaego, despite her insecurity.

Facebook/PAWS Animal Rescue