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Puppy Who Kept Sneaking Into A Store For A Stuffed Unicorn Has A New Beginning

A few days ago, a stray dog with a definite goal repeatedly attempted to enter a Dollar General store in Kenansville, North Carolina. The odd item pleased the dog, who was quite interested in carrying about a pink and purple plush unicorn.

Employees at the business were repeatedly taken by surprise by the dog Sisu, who kept attempting to steal the same unicorn toy. Eventually, they phoned animal control to manage the matter.

Officer Samantha Lane attended the case and was so affected and horrified that she made the decision to purchase the $10 unicorn for Sisu to fulfill her dream. Once Samantha Lane acquired her cherished plush unicorn, Sisu joyfully began dating Samantha Lane.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

According to Joe Newburn, center supervisor for Duplin County Animal Services,

It always targeted the same unicorn, going right for it. One of the strangest calls I’ve ever received was this one since it was so bizarre.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

When animal control officials searched the store for the dog, staff said that each time a customer left, the dog would return in search of the same purple unicorn plush toy.

Joe states:

They had to finally shut the door and dial our number.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

The employees of Duplin County Animal Control stated on Facebook:

This is what happens when you repeatedly rob the Dollar General to get the purple unicorn you want, but when animal control is called to put you in jail for theft and robbery, the officer buys your item and lets you leave with it.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

Many people were captivated by the touching tale and were interested to hear about the charming teddy bear thief. Sisu, who was given the name of the dragon’s refuge in the Disney film “Raya and the Last Dragon,” also posed for some wonderful pictures with his unicorn.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services