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While Viewing Movies With His Owner, He Pretends He Is Not Tired, And She Receives Hundreds Of Comments

Many people regard film as an art form that not only entertains but also delights them with its imagery and narrative. However, not everyone can experience such enthusiasm for films, and more than one is an enemy to the death of movie viewing, as they fall asleep in the first scene.

A lovely young animal that appears uninterested in the movie he is watching with his human mother is a perfect example of this predicament.

CREDIT: Zoorprendente

Meerkats are carnivorous animals that are related to mongooses but have been poorly domesticated. However, in Moscow (Russia), a young lady adopted a female specimen of these wild creatures and seemed to have tamed it to the point of sharing a bed with no issues.

At the very least, the creature is not selfish and appears fully peaceful, almost as if it is preparing to submit in Morpheus’ arms.

CREDIT: Zoorprendente

The woman and her pet are watching a movie, but it appears that our critter is more interested in napping, which is what the viral video is about.

The young animal nods repeatedly while someone films its struggle and how, humiliated, it reacts and covers its lethargy every time its human mother wakes it up.

The situation is slightly cruel but highly humorous; the meerkat appears to be a delicate infant, and her owner is pleased by her pet’s naivety.

CREDIT: Zoorprendente

Videos of tamed meerkats are quite unusual, therefore this clip did not go overlooked. In addition to displaying a humorous and shocking scene, you can witness the naturalness with which the events unfold.

The meerkat is the girl of the house, and her mother has no difficulty sharing the covers with her, even if her movie companion isn’t the best.

CREDIT: Zoorprendente