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A Mother Goose Insistently Pecks The Police Patrol To Ask Them To Save Her Baby

James Givens has been a Cincinnati police officer for almost 25 years. One may think that in a career like his, he’s seen it all, yet he just came across something extremely odd that touched him.

James Givens

When James was seated in the police cruiser, he heard a peculiar noise. Someone looked to be knocking on the passenger seat door. He looked out the window to see what was going on and discovered a goose.

James Givens

At first, James assumed that all the goose desired was some food. He offered her something to eat, but the goose refused to go.

He not only kept pecking at the vehicle door, but he also squawked louder and louder and stared at the cop as if waiting for a response.

James Givens

This went on for so long that the police eventually got out of the car and began following the goose. She didn’t pause for a second before directing him to a location about 100 meters away.

James Givens

Nearby was a creek there, and the mother goose’s young were along the beach. Everything appeared to be in order, until one of them got his legs twisted in a balloon thread.

The crafty goose strolled up to her damaged youngster and returned her gaze to the officer. James’ mouth fell open.

“I realize it appears to be made up. I’m not sure why I chose to follow her, but I did. “I’m curious how many animals want assistance from people,” James remarked.

James Givens

The mother’s main want was for someone to assist her kid, and she was not prepared to accept “no” for an answer. Because the officer was afraid that if she handled the baby geese, the mother might flip out, she phoned the SPCA.