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Dog Living In Trash Can Didn’t Want To Leave The One Place He Feels Safe

Officers from Lexington-Fayette Animal Control in Kentucky got a report about a dog in need of assistance earlier this month.

They discovered the puppy hiding behind a tipped-over garbage can. Because he didn’t think anybody cared enough to take him in, the trash can had apparently become his home.


“This lovely but shy dog would walk up to meet our officer but then scamper right back to the garbage container,” animal control reported. “When most stray dogs are afraid, they go back to their house, but this sweetie was perfectly pleased to stay inside the garbage can, where he felt safe and warm.”

The dog had apparently formed good connections with rubbish, despite the fact that rescuers recognized he was in reality a treasure.

Rescuers were eventually able to lure the dog, whose they called Oscar, out of the shelter and into a happier life.

Oscar continued to demonstrate an odd fascination in rubbish after he was in the presence of carers.

Oscar still guarded and crawled into garbage cans around the workplace, even after he was secure with us being office fostered!” rescuers penned “This person is clearly not a grouch, thus his moniker comes mainly from his love of rubbish.”

Oscar’s rescuers planned to surprise him with a meet and greet with local sanitation workers because he enjoyed rubbish so much.

Animal control officials wrote, “Oscar had such a good time!”


Of course, the most important thing for Oscar is to be adopted into a loving family. And he’s getting assistance with it as well.

Since then, he’s been relocated to the Lexington Humane Society, where volunteers can only conjecture on his past.

The Humane Society noted, “What we can guarantee him is that he will never have to resort to live in a garbage can again.” “That portion of his tale is behind him, whether he was seeking refuge from bad weather or cruelty, or whether someone truly did toss him like trash.”