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The Drama Of The Orca That Lost All Its Teeth Due To The Despair Of Escaping From Captivity

In artificial tanks, captive cetaceans are unable to survive. Many of these marine species, particularly killer whales, display strange behavior in these circumstances and frequently pass away too soon from infections and other uncommon ailments in the environment.

Killer whales kept in captivity exhibit aberrant and recurrent behaviors include circling, hyperaggression, despair, and self-harm. This is the situation with an orca by the name of Inouk, who regrettably has lost almost all of her teeth as a result of chewing on her habitat.

On February 23, 1999, Inouk was born in captivity to parents who had been stranded as infants in Iceland’s far north. He has been whirling and floating inertly in the pool for twenty years, orphaned since he was a little boy.

These repeated motions are another manifestation of the same evil—madness brought on by the stress of confinement—which is common of caged animals in a dire circumstance, like a hundred steps for cats or elephants.

On the French Riviera, between Cannes and Nice, the animal rights group One Voice recently made some pictures of Inouk in his tank at the Marineland Antibies amusement park available.

The Marineland Park in Antibes is home to the only orcas in France. Because she has consumed the pool’s walls all the way down to the liner gel, Inouk is unique. She has ongoing agony. One Voice stated, “The major issue we are protesting is the fact that he cannot live as he should, and the physical effects of his mental misery.

The long-awaited meeting between One Voice and French officials to discuss a ban on captive marine animal husbandry and its commerce was postponed to a later date without explanation on July 9.

This group wants the government to outlaw aquarium breeding practices because, regrettably, baby dolphins and whales all too frequently pass away shortly after birth. Additionally, they seek to outlaw the sale of marine life, believing that it is only right for it to exist in its natural environment.

Killer whales are even more clever than great apes, according to Mauriel Arnal, the founder of One Voice, and they have a language that, like human languages, changes based on their environment.

These creatures require the ocean because they are highly sophisticated. Its natural environment cannot ever be replaced by a pool, according to Muriel Arnal.

These whales would need to be in sizable marine reserves with protected regions where they might learn to swim in straight lines rather than loops over great distances. Additionally, they would learn to hunt and gather their own food and settle in safe areas.