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This Dog Can’t Believe His Dad Finally Found Him After 6 Months

Pat had been looking for her dog for months but had been unsuccessful. Thankfully, a friend discovered him at a shelter, and the happy reunion was captured in a video uploaded on Facebook by the Washington County, TN Animal Shelter.

Pat obtained a job offer in Texas six months ago and needed to transfer as soon as feasible. His dog Blue went missing unexpectedly just days before he moved there, and he looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it.

Facebook/ Washington County, TN Animal Shelter

The frantic man dialed all of the area shelters, but received no response from his pal, and the clock was ticking down before his departure.

Pat knew she’d have a hard time finding her dog if she didn’t find him before she went, but she didn’t have an option.

Facebook/ Washington County, TN Animal Shelter

So the man relocated to another location, unaware of his closest friend’s whereabouts, but still hoping to track him down.

Even though it had been months since Pat had seen Blue, he still hoped to hear anything about him.

Facebook/ Washington County, TN Animal Shelter

An animal control officer transported the dog to the shelter after it showed up at a stranger’s house asking for a secure place to rest. Blue had been on the streets for an unknown amount of time, yet he appeared to like everyone he met.

The shelter’s executive director, Tammy Davis, told The Dodo:

“He was a happy dog.” He was a little hesitant at first, and he didn’t particularly care for the other dogs, but he was quite friendly with people and the employees.’

Pat received the amazing phone call she had been hoping for after a little over six months. Blue had been noticed by one of his friends.

He was informed by a friend:

“I’m seeing a dog that looks a lot like Blue in the Washington County Animal Shelter.”

Pat was provided a video of the dog along with this message so he could check whether it was his pal Blue.

Facebook/ Washington County, TN Animal Shelter

Pat leaped out of her seat in delight and quickly called the shelter to confirm what she was witnessing. When he spoke with shelter workers, he offered a detailed description of his dog, and they sent him images and videos of the dog, which he claimed was named Blue.

Then they decided to set a date for the moment everyone had been waiting for; Pat was certain he was her beloved dog.

Facebook/ Washington County, TN Animal Shelter