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Rescued Arctic Marble Fox Restored Back To Health With Help From Dog

Galileo is an Arctic Marble Fox that came to CLAWS, Inc. in horrible condition. The fox was rescued by CLAWS in North Carolina and he arrived at the rescue in horrible condition – starving, dirty, with a broken nose and scared. They took him in and began to nurse him back to health. While he was recovering, he befriended a Pomeranian named Mushu, who helped him overcome his fears.

Arctic marble foxes are not found in the wild. They were genetically bred by people to be sold for profit (fur and exotic pets). As beautiful as they are, foxes do not make good house pets!

Galileo recovered from his ordeal and made friends with the rescue’s other dogs. He also took on the important role as an ambassador/educator with CLAWS to teach people about marble foxes just like him.