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Watch This Incredible Picture Of A Giant Moth With Tiger Eye Wing Pattern

Photographer David Weiller really likes to capture animals with his camera. But recently he showed us the Brahmaea hearseyi moth. Actually, this moth it is a rarely-seen animal

You can find this moth in Northeast Himalayas, Western China, Sundaland, Burma, and the Philippines.

“This was a lucky find as it was attracted at night to the light of my bungalow in the rainforest. When I saw it, freshly hatched and with its striking patterns, I was so surprised. After observing it fly around the light for a while, it settled for the night on a nearby tree trunk,” he told Bored Panda.

This moth belongs to the Brahmin moth family, also known as Brahmaeidae. Their family consists of 7 different genera of nearly 40 different moth species.