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At The Veterinarian, A Saved Cat Helps Other Kittens In Getting Healthy

Fergus is a sweet brown and white cat that was treated at Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, California (USA) after suffering a major damage to his spine. Now, when the other kittens go to the vet, the loving rescued cat works hard to help them get healthy.

A veterinarian at the facility, Dr. Rachel Wallach, told Love Meow:

“From the center of his back down, he was paralyzed.”

A rescued kitten aids the rehabilitation of other kittens.

Dr. Rachel said, ”

“I conducted some prep work, and Fergus, or Ferg as we call him, still had sensation in his hind legs and tail, which surprised me. I couldn’t use or move them, but I could feel them when I struck them, which meant he could walk and go to the restroom alone once more.

His rehabilitation would be difficult and slow, but the veterinarian put his faith in the small cat.

Rachel said:

Ferg is a Scottish Fold, therefore he needed a Scottish name to match. I named him Fergus, which means Man of Strength, when I went to veterinary school in Scotland.

The vet focused on treating the urinary tract infection, and each step forward for the cat was good news for the clinic staff; Fergus was back on his feet in a few of weeks.

Rachel had this to say:

“I’d want to believe it was related to our care, but it wasn’t. Fergus was eager to meet another feline companion.

Salvador, the clinic cat, had been watching Fergus since he arrived, and it appeared like they were conversing; both cats began to meow.

Rachel explains:

“We placed a seat in front of Fergus’ cage, and Salvador rose to greet him. Ferg immediately sprang to his feet. We were overjoyed!

Fergus continued to make new acquaintances once he felt healthy enough to travel the area. The clinic team noticed a really unusual trait in Fergus when they welcomed a group of orphaned ducklings and the cat instantly embraced them and offered them some warmth and compassion.

Dr. Rachel continued, ”

“Of day he spent with us, he met a dog that was suffering from heatstroke and became close to him.”

Fergus is a great helper for the animals who visit the veterinarian clinic.

Rachel explains:

“He enjoys grooming our newest animals and ensuring their well-being. I got a call from an old coworker the night before my birthday about ten kittens that needed a safe place to land.

One of the small kittens was in bad shape, so when his siblings were adopted, the little pussy was left in the care of Fergus.

Skywalker, a little kitten, was found abandoned on the side of the road. The little one was practically dead when it arrived.

Rachel told:

His time on the streets had come to an end. Even with the extra care, the kitten didn’t seem to flourish. We chose to try a foster parent once the fleas were removed and he had no (stomach issues).

Fergus took care of the kitten, and he began to react, receiving food and gradually gaining strength and progressing. Fergus did not forsake him, and he stayed with the kitten until he was a teenager.

Oliver, a small kitten who was just adopted, had his tail damaged and had to be amputated. The little one was extremely courageous and was meowing loudly the morning after his operation.

Everyone at the clinic knew who was going to be the one to assist him in his recovery. The small cat cuddled into Fergus’ arms as they brought him to him, and the two of them enjoyed a lengthy snooze together.

When Fergus sees a new animal arriving at the clinic, he approaches them and attempts to console them; the lovely cat simply wishes to repay the kindness shown to him when he first came.

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