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This Lovely Cat Helps His Family In Caring For The Babies They Bring Home

Holly Brookhouser and her family encountered Rigby, a tabby cat, at an animal shelter in Oklahoma approximately six years ago. They were seeking for the perfect companion for their cat Canon at the time, but they never imagined Rigby would be so helpful to the other kittens.

Holly explained :

“A year after we acquired him, I began fostering kittens and discovered that I had a strong urge to assist in their care.”

It didn’t take long for the gentle feline to prove that he wanted to make friends with all of the homeless cats who came through his door.


Many of the foster cats arrived without a mother, but Rigby soon stepped in as a surrogate father and lavished affection on them.

He spent significantly more time with the orphaned kittens and wrapped his arms around them as they napped, despite the fact that he spends the same amount of time with all of them.


Holly had this to say:

“He sits motionless as I put bottles on his body and feed them when newborns don’t have a mother.” They have the sensation of nursing. He also assists them in urinating on occasion.


The lovely child seemed to know precisely what each of the kitties who visit the house requires simply by looking at them. When Holly takes a cat home with her children, things appear to shift a little, but she always accomplishes the same aim.


Rigby manages to find the appropriate balance between bonding with the feline mother and giving her the space she requires to feel at ease. He is eager to play with the kittens and teach them feline tricks as they get older, but he is also enthralled by kitten mothers.

Even older foster cats have benefited from Rigby’s presence, as Holly uses him to assess their behavior. Holly now lives with a street-rescued cat named Millie, her litter of six kittens, and five orphaned puppies.


Holly continued:

I’m so grateful you’re here to assist! With a full belly, both litters are content. Smaller kittens like cuddling with their adopted siblings who are older.

It’s worth noting that Rigby is always happy to provide a hand, and this is no exception, so keep an eye on Millie.


The five tiniest orphaned kittens are given extra care and are even given nutrients and vitamins during the day. The most astonishing part is that Millie has developed a strong attachment to orphaned kittens and has opted to care for them as if they were her own children.


Rigby constantly sits at the door, anticipating Millie’s foster room visit and caring for her small kids.

As a result, when Millie goes out to get away from the kittens, Rigby approaches them and looks after them until their mother returns. Rigby is adored by all of the cats, who appreciate the additional dosage of love that their best feline buddy offers them; he is an outstanding volunteer.