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There Is Such A Thing As A Magical Rainbow Pigeon Who Was Captured By A Photographer 

Pigeons don’t get a lot of attention.

The ubiquitous rock doves have an undeserved negative image, since they are often referred to as “flying rats” due to their prevalence in cities and acidic droppings.

However, one particular pigeon is changing people’s perceptions of these animals.


A photo of a pink-necked green pigeon went popular on Twitter lately, earning the moniker “hot pigeon.”


When compared to his city counterparts’ bland brown, gray, white, and black plumage, the pink-necked green pigeon shines out.


These rainbow pigeons are impossible to miss, with plumage in tones of green, blue, lilac, soft pink, and yellow. In New York City, though, you won’t find them perched on any awnings.


In Southeast Asia, the pink-necked green pigeon may be found in woods, gardens, and coastal mangroves. Unlike their less opulent counterparts, these pigeons eat mostly fruit, particularly figs, and disseminate their seeds across the woods.


This gorgeous pigeon is assisting people in appreciating the more muted grey birds they see every day on the street.

The iridescent green and purple feathers on a city pigeon’s neck may make him seem almost as attractive as “hot pigeon” in the proper light.