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Bunny Climbs On The Back Of His Bulldog Sister To Steal Food From His Owner

After their owner shared a video of their most recent antics together, a cute bulldog and his cuddling rabbit became TikTok stars.

These two adorable creatures are more than just household pets; they are soul brothers and true buddies. Animals are the only ones that can truly teach us the meanings of loyalty, unconditional love, and sticking with someone “through thick and thin.”

The main characters of the funniest scenario were the small crooks that reside in Argentina with their owner. And at just the right moment, his human was there to capture everything and broadcast this gesture of friendship, camaraderie, and mischief to the globe.

The young guy recorded the moment when both animals got together as ideal “partners in crime” to obtain a delectable dish that his owner had stored very nicely in the refrigerator to bring to work the next day.

The creator of the popular video, @anto8686, who has more than 30,000 followers on TikTok, claims that his bunny rode lavishly on the back of his bulldog, Pánfila.

It turned out that each of the little creatures understood exactly what to do and when to do it to avoid being seen. They carried out their strategy in the middle of the night in such stealth that they didn’t think their owner knew them very well.

The young guy said in his article, “Both believed that I would not hear anything.”

The humorous and odd behavior of the excellent Pánfila, who waited patiently for his companion to complete satiating his hunger, contributed significantly to the scene’s rapid spread of amusement throughout the networks.

Here is the memorable event that has not gone unnoticed online, garnering more than 86,000 likes, 600,000 copies, and hundreds of comments:

@anto8686 #viral #parati #MascotasDeTikTok #perrosgraciosos #perritostiktokers #amigosdelalma #mascotasdivertidas ♬ Amigo (Roberto Carlos) – Ivan Arturo "La Voz Versatil"

The children didn’t take long to win over the entire globe to the tune of Roberto Carlos’ well-known song, “You are my brother of the soul,” which perfectly captures the unbreakable relationship that links these two.

The following line may be heard in the background of the scenes: “You are my soul companion at all times. At each arrival, give everyone a cheerful embrace. As a result, it’s not unusual for more than one person to have a lasting smile after viewing the emotive photos.