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Dad Who Dislikes Cats Became Obsessed With The One His Son Brought Home, Now They’re Inseparable

If anyone came to me saying, “let’s get a cat!”, I would, without a shadow of a doubt, say “yes!” Cats are some of the most precious little creatures that can bless our existence with their tiny smooshy faces, big eyes, and the much-feared murder mittens. If nothing stopped me, I’d be the cattiest cat lady anyone had ever seen, yet, the dream continues. Strangely, not everyone shares these ideas initially, but that can all change, just as it did in the story we’ll look at today.

A series of TikTok videos showed the amazing power cats have on dads that didn’t want them in the first place, making the men fall totally head over heels for the felines. And it’s incredibly adorable and hilarious to see their relationship, giving meaning to the saying that there’s no bigger love than the one shared between a dad and the pet they didn’t want.

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A hilariously sweet video was posted on TikTok a few weeks ago by Shaan Renoo, beginning with a little collage of times he’d asked his 60-year-old dad, Raj, if they could get a cat. The answer was always a strict no. “You’re not having a cat in this house,” he told him, but that didn’t stop Shaan from getting one anyways.

The video then cuts to a SpongeBob SquarePants-inspired way to say “several months later,” showing Raj playfully chatting with a fluffy white British shorthair cat named Angie who’d taken over his spot on the couch.

“That’s my chair. I want to sit down there. I want to watch TV,” he jokes with her, before asking politely if he can sit down next to her. Yes, he’s asking the cat permission to sit on the sofa he’d bought himself. I’m telling you, cats are magic.

The little exchange doesn’t stop there, as Raj focuses solely on the fluffy kitty, affectionately petting her whilst speaking lots of sweet nothings to the “pussycato.” He starts playing and counting her paws, saying “that’s a paw there, 2nd paw there, 3rd paw there, 4th paw there.”

Raj continues to rejoice at the fact that she never bites him, because she loves him, and he promises her: “I’ll always love you. I’ll put on a Whitney Houston song for you every day.”

At one point the cat has had enough and grabs onto the loving hand to bite at it, leaving the man to say: “Haw, I didn’t do any harm!” It seems Angie is a loving and forgiving cat for the most part, but although it’s normal for cats to scratch and bite in play, it may be one of the reasons why people dislike cats in the first place.

Franny Syufy, a cat expert, explained the five reasons why cats are avoided at all costs by some people. Some are physical, such as allergies, causing the influx of both annoying and, sometimes, deadly symptoms.

Other reasons are more emotionally linked; whether it be a bad experience in the past or the cat seeming cold and uninterested, even though you came to them with the best intentions. Franny said that cats “often communicate quite vocally, and sometimes even physically, with a swift swat of outstretched claws when too much petting overstimulates them.”

They’re animals that like their own space, that have their own boundaries and opinions, and it may be off putting to some.

It seems that this pair have come to terms with their differences. From sharing the sofa to sharing dinner, they seem to be inseparable. But why did Raj protest against having a cat so much in the first place? Shaan told Newsweek that his “dad is normally a quiet, moody figure around the house,” but he’s got a second side to him.

Raj disliked cats from the very beginning, and his son explained that “he liked wildcats but not housecats, and would avoid going into people’s houses that had cats to not get scratched.” After months of pestering his mum for a cat, she gave in: “We didn’t tell my dad we were getting a cat until it arrived. On the day we got the cat, he walked into the room, and I swear on my mum’s life, he was so starstruck. I could see he wanted to smile but he didn’t break a smile.”

It seemed it was love at first sight, even though Raj tried to fight it. After just one week, Shaan came back home from work to find his dad playing with Angie and talking to her like a little baby. Despite Shaan calling for her, she decided to stay with ‘grandpa’. After Shaan moved to another city for work, Raj took over as Angie’s “cat dad.” He added: “My parents really didn’t want a cat in the house, but they fell in love with her.”

The video has since garnered 5.3M views, people absolutely adoring the funny and wholesome turn of events. But that wasn’t the end of the story as another character was to enter the scene!

Shaan came to his dad once more, asking whether they could get a second cat, and, not surprisingly, Raj protested. One was clearly enough in his mind, but Shaan did what he does best and a couple days later, he brought back Tommy, a young tabby British shorthair.

He placed the kitten onto his dad’s lap and Raj could not be less impressed. But a week later, the story seemed to repeat itself and, even though Raj may not be as close to Tommy as he is Angie, they’d become good friends.

The pair of cats seem to be enjoying their lives together, causing mischief and bringing happiness to both the family and all those following their adventures on TikTok and Instagram.

Whether you’re a cat lover or prefer dogs or lizards, each animal deserves to have a loving home, where they can be cared for and safe.

John Bradshaw, an animal expert, explained that having a succession of dogs and cats taught him the “individuality of animals and how, if possible, we should treat and think about them as individuals.” I would like to say a word of caution before you run off to get a pet after your family members have said ‘no’, as things might not end in the same fashion.

Be sure that you’re prepared to care for your pets, are able to do so financially, emotionally, and physically, and that you’ll be able to give them all the love they deserve.

If you’re ever going to do something similar, aka getting a pet after your family told you not to, please consider all the pros and cons as it will be at the expense of the animal

We can’t wait to see more of Raj and his fur babies and we wish them all the best!

We’re incredibly happy that Raj and the cats found each other and we wish them all the best.