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Meet Bea The Cat Who Works At Animal Hospital And Loves To Pet Her Patients

This is Bea, an adorable cat that likes to help others. She lives and works at Look Ahead Vet in California.

“The girls are Elfie, Uno, Bea and Peggy, and the males are OJ and Theo,” Crystal Bessmer, a vet tech at the animal hospital, told The Dodo. “They each were brought to us at various times by different clients. They were all found as stray kittens, and most of them had severe injuries.”

She is always there to help patients and their owners. Bea has an important role at Look Ahead Vet. Also, cat is head of the nursing department. Bessmer has said that she is so curious and likes to walk up to them.

Bea is obsessed now with a kitten named Peggy. She loves the little baby.

“She definitely loves everyone, especially the new kitten, Peggy,” she added. “She’s always been like that, too. She never seems to be afraid of anything either — even the really big farm animals.”

She is such a sweetheart.