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A Man Constructs A Ramp To Assist An Elderly Dog In Entering His Car

A heartbreaking video of a guy and his older dog’s deep bond was recently posted on the Internet. We can plainly observe in the scene how an elderly New York man lovingly assists his beloved pet into the automobile.

The incredible bond that this guy and his dog share has inspired thousands of others on the internet, who have been moved to witness them support one other in their senior years.

It’s a wonderful and endearing friendship.


The wonderful sight was captured approximately a year ago by a person who was parked across the street and watched the emotional moment and did not hesitate to film it and share it with the rest of the world on social media.

In the video, you can tell how much love this couple has for one another. Despite his age, the guy erected a ramp so that the hairy man could easily get into the trunk of the automobile.

Here’s a video of the adorable moment:

The video, which has received over 896,242 views too far, shows how even the elderly guy assists his dog with a sheet as he climbs the ramp into the van.

The scenario of these good buddies has elicited several emotions and many endearing comments for these lovely life partners.


One of the comments left by viewers of the video reads:

“Through thick and thin, man’s closest buddy.”


There is no dispute about the message conveyed by this wonderful moment. A dog will always be a loyal companion who will follow you through good and terrible times for the rest of his life, and all we have to do is make his trip through ours the best it can be.