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This Ginger Seal That Is Extremely Rare Is Well-Known For Its Uniquely-Colored Fur and Eyes

Meet this cute albino seal! Experts say that chances of such a partial albino birth are one in 100,000. So this kind of sail is extremely rare but very cute though.

This adorable seal is well-known for its uniquely-colored fur and eyes. Albino seal was found August 11, 2020 in northern fur seal rookery at Tyuleny Island near the east coast of Sakhalin, Russia.

Biologist Vladimir Burkanov has said that this seal is more active than other normal pups. Burkanov added that this seal looks like he is blind because of his eye color.

“‘Ugly Duckling’—albino fur seals are a rare occurrence. They actually look more red than white. This is a clear albino without any pigmentation even in its eyes,” the biologist wrote.

This albino seal is now 5 or 6 years old.