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Senior Man Walks His Disabled Dog Several Times A Day

Sabrina la Grotteria saw a scene close to her house in Italy that affected her deeply. And after a video about her went viral on social media, she immediately won the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

An old guy was dragging his dog in a cart through a quiet street in Vibo Valentia; the dog was obviously unable to move independently. After a walk, the pair got home, and Sabrina started recording.

The man’s commitment to helping the dog deal with his impairment is evident in this brief, distantly filmed glimpse of their daily routine, which is brimming with affection unlike anything other.

Sabrina stated to The Dodo:

“I decided to share it on Facebook since I was so affected,”

The heartwarming scene quickly gained popularity. Within a short period of time, Sabrina’s video of the guy and the dog had amassed hundreds of thousands of views and garnered national attention as a gesture “that touches Italy.”

The video was posted by Sabrina with the accompanying description:

“The term ‘humanity’ appears in this video.”

Even though Sabrina was unfamiliar with this couple, local journalists were able to locate them and discover their tale. Since losing use of his hind limbs owing to arthritis, the man, Tonino Vitale, has been walking his 13-year-old dog Dylan the same route each day.

Dylan is an elderly Labrador with severe arthritis who can’t move his back legs and has trouble moving his front legs. He breathes laboriously and has a weak heart. It exhausts him to even bark to communicate his emotions. Tonino, though, handles that.

Dylan is looked after by Tonino every day. Every day, he picks up Dylan, places him in a metal cart, and walks him around the block in the morning and in the late afternoon when the sun is less intense.

The man wants his pal to live out his remaining days in peace. In the same way that Dylan stood by his side during his most trying times, he too wants to be near to him.

He stated to the journal Il Vibonese:

«With Dylan, since the day he was born, it was love at first sight. Although showing our love for Dylan is a natural occurrence for us, we are glad to be able to share his life story with you. It serves as a means of educating people on the value of treating animals with respect.

The video that follows has Tonino speaking with LaC TV (in Italian).