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After An Accident, No One Saw The Seriously Injured Woman In A Ditch Until A Dog Appeared

In 2010, Shannon Lorio, a lady from the United States, was involved in a catastrophic vehicle accident. She lost control on a bend in the road and crashed into a ditch; the severity of her injuries prevented her from moving. Fortunately, a dog discovered her and provided her with amazing assistance.

A motorist stopped to assist her when the German shepherd pulled on her shirt collar and dragged her about 50 yards before letting her lean on him for visibility. The dog was given the name “Hero” and was 2 years old at the time.

Shannon remarked:

“I was gushing blood from my nose and my face. I was suddenly overcome by a really strong presence. She was on top of me. I’ve watched way too many vampire and werewolf horror films. I feared that he might eat me.

Shannon remarked:

“I’ll be here if you ever need anything,” she said.

“That dog will always have a special place in my heart. He is my hero”.

The dog was brought to the Thomasville Humane Society after doing the brave act.

Even though she already had six dogs at home and was unable to adopt him, the woman was incredibly appreciative to her Hero and gave him with presents, including a giant bone and a plush animal.