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After Her Puppy Was Stolen, Her Mother Was In Tears When She Discovered Her Dog Hungry 2 years ago today

A shelter posted a photo of a stray dog on Facebook in the hopes of finding him a new permanent home. The dog with the stunning blue eyes was suffering from mange and was abandoned and filthy.

As soon as the photo of the miserable creature became viral, a lady called to say she thought the dog may be her lost dog, which had been taken from her backyard two years ago.

She was invited to come check whether the dog knows who she is. The melancholy dog’s reaction as the woman approached him can be seen.

The dog was first unpleasant, but after recognizing her face and smelling her, he grabbed her hands and raised up on his back legs to have a closer look. The poor dog, Lord, recognizes her right away and begins licking and loving her all over!

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