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Nobody Wanted This Blind Dog Because He Had Cancer But Someone Decided To Give Him A Loving Home

Meet this dog named Tofu that has had a very tough life. Nobody wanted Tofu and he has spent 10 years living in a shelter.

He was rescued from an abusive household. Since he is 14 years old, Tofu has healthy conditions.

Dog had cancer so his leg was amputated and now is blind. One day, Danila saw him and decided to give Tofu a loving home.

So Tofu was given a second chance at life.

“One fine day I woke up and called the coordinator of a shelter who was my friend, Carol, and asked which was the oldest dog that would be up for adoption. Immediately she sent me the photo of Tofu. Who was 14 years old, blind, and had recently amputated a paw because of cancer.”

“I always had a dream of adopting a handicapped, elderly, and deaf dog. Not necessarily all these problems in one dog. It would be a project in the future, where I would adopt one dog at a time.”

Now Tofu is healthier and has a loving owner.