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A Woman Adopts A Wolf From A Sanctuary Who Wouldn’t Have The Chance To  Live In The Wild

The young being abandoned by their mother is unusual in the animal realm, but it does happen. Fortunately, there are individuals who care after the welfare of all sorts of animals, like Alida did with a newborn wolf that was rejected by her mother in a shelter.

Kira is a wolf that was abandoned by her mother when she was three days old and could not live in the wild. Kira’s mother and siblings refused to accept her, so the shelter staff had to figure out what to do with them.


The tiny ones were looked after and hand-fed by the shelter workers in order for them to have the nutrition they needed to develop.


Meanwhile, shelter workers were on the lookout for permanent homes for the children so that they would have a greater chance of surviving their new lives and growing up without incident.


Things were not simple, though, because they had never lived outside of a shelter and had no idea how to survive in the heart of nature. Fortunately, Alida, a Russian woman, came and chose to take Kira in, providing her with all of the care she required as well as a permanent home.


Alida explained to Bored Panda:

«When she was 28 days old, I took her out of kindergarten. She is intelligent yet obstinate. She is more concerned with herself than with me while making decisions. I began the process of socializing with them right away. He encountered several dogs, humans, and children.

The only way to offer Kira a second chance was to teach her to become a domestic animal, which Alida was ready to undertake.


Because wolves are typically scared of new objects in their surroundings, socializing was an essential component of their growth.

Kira was accompanied by the woman to several locations so that she could become acquainted with various scents and noises as well as a new surroundings.


Alida stated:

“It was a lengthy, arduous process, but it was important for Kira to be able to live with me in an urban setting and feel at ease.”

Many issues arose throughout training, but they were all resolved with the passage of time, and the hard effort eventually paid off.


Her domestic nature began to develop, and she began to associate with people, refusing to respond to other dogs’ aggressiveness and attempting to remain calm. Kira quickly adapted to contemporary life and engaged on hundreds of experiences, eventually developing into a fearless tamed wolf.


Kira is one year old and adored by her family, particularly her seven-year-old brother, whom she adores with tremendous affection.

Alida had this to say:

“On the street, people are curious, asking for photos, and wondering if living with a wolf is hazardous, especially since I have a toddler at home.”


The lady tries to answer queries from passers-by, emphasizing that living with Kira is the finest thing that could have happened to them. Individuals act normally in front of Kira in real life because she is pleasant, yet many people on the internet disagree.


They believe that keeping a predatory animal in the house is foolish and hazardous, but they are unaware of Kira’s true tale.

Alida continued:

“We live with her, challenging people’s preconceptions of wolves. Is it tough to properly train such a beast? Highly. But he was well aware of what he was doing.

Kira has become totally tame as a result of her hard work and commitment, and she is a regular pet that loves its creature comforts.


Most significantly, Alida provided him with the assistance he so desperately required, and now he may have a family for the rest of his life.