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A Dog Saved His Injured Companion From Being Crushed By Trains For Two Days

Panda took care of Lucy at all times despite the fact that she was in grave danger when the two of them were left alone for two days on a train track. Panda chose to snuggle up close to his injured mate Lucy and press her head down every time a train passed in order to protect her from being run over by the trains until assistance could arrive. Lucy was severely hurt and unable to move away from the train lines.

Denis Malafeyev was the one who discovered the pair of dogs and who also posted a lovely video of them dodging trains on social media.

Title: Dog love.
Photo credit: Denis Malafeev, EAST2WEST NEWS

“When we got there, it turned out that the female dog had an injury and was unable to move. However, the male dog was guarding her. When I saw a train coming, I started to feel sick.”

They showed signs of being quite close, and they remained together even after being loaded into the trunk of the automobile that would take them to a veterinary clinic.

This dog saved his partner from being crushed by a train for two days

“When the incoming train was audible, the male dog approached the female and sat down close to her. In order to let the train pass, they both pushed their heads to the ground.”

Title: Dog love.
Photo credit: Denis Malafeev, EAST2WEST NEWS

“The male dog had been acting in this way nonstop for two days. Consider this. He gave her warmth.
Which of the following best describes this: instinct, love, friendship, or loyalty?
I am certain that not everyone would act in the same way as him.

Title: Dog love. Description: Panda (standing) and Lucy (lying) on the railway near Uzhgorod in Ukraine. Photo credit: Denis Malafeev, EAST2WEST NEWS