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A Man Jumps Into A Flash Flood And Loads His Boat With Animals

Without assistance, these creatures would have been in grave danger.

Thousands of people and animals were displaced by the poor weather in 2016, when over 23 inches of rain triggered unprecedented flash floods in many southern states, including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

In the middle of the turmoil, two guys in Hernando, Mississippi, noticed animals in distress and chose to help them.


Frankie Williams, a 26-year-old plumber who also works for a landscaping firm, told The Dodo at the time, “My brother and I kept witnessing many animals make their way out of the flooded woods into a field in front of our house.”

“We had a small boat that we might use to investigate the flooded forests. We saved numerous field mice, ground shrews, and rabbits while driving through flooded fields on our approach to the woods “he stated


Raccoons were able to find refuge by ascending higher into trees, while opossums and armadillos were trapped on pieces of ground with little choice but to cling to anything they could find to avoid being carried away by the swelling waves, according to Williams.


As a result, Williams and his brother set out on a journey, rescuing every suffering animal they came across and loading it onto the boat. The animals were freed as the water levels began to drop.

“I grew up with a strong desire to be outside,” Williams said. “I despise seeing any animal suffer.”

Below is a video of the difficult rescue mission.