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Every Day, A Blind Shelter Cat Is Read “Harry Potter” Until He Learns To Trust People

Anyone who has read the “Harry Potter” books knows how wonderful they are. It appears that the amazing tale has the potential to connect not just humans, but humans and animals as well…at least that was the case with Stevie Wonder, a blind cat in Virginia.

Stevie, a five-year-old who arrived at the Richmond SPCA with a troubled past, found the entire experience overwhelming. He hid all day and ate very seldom.

Source: Candace Morgan Photography

Fortunately, the shelter chose to place him in a group living area where he could live with other cats. Stevie would need the generosity of a Hufflepuff to assist him on his voyage, since he was clearly shocked by yet another shift in surroundings. Price McIntyre, a 19-year-old shelter volunteer, stepped in to help.

McIntyre took it upon himself to read ‘Harry Potter’ to Stevie every day in the hopes of making him more comfortable in social situations. Stevie and McIntyre seemed to be similar souls, with the former being’sorted’ into Hufflepuff as well.

Source: Richmond SPCA

This’sorting’ project was created by a shelter staffer to provide potential adopters a fun opportunity to discover more about the characteristics of each animal. For those unfamiliar with the wizarding world of ‘Harry Potter,’ Hufflepuffs are known for their compassion, loyalty, and patience, all of which are traits that would be useful in assisting Stevie.

Source: Richmond SPCA

Despite Stevie’s reluctance to participate at initially, McIntyre persevered, reading to him for a few hours every day for a few weeks. Stevie was quickly clinging to every word and cuddling up to McIntyre, intent on listening intently to the story.

Source: Richmond SPCA

McIntyre now comes virtually every day for his special reading appointment with Stevie, almost like clockwork. On Fridays, Harry dresses to to the nines in full Hufflepuff regalia.
Stevie is no longer simply at ease around McIntyre, but has also begun to open up to other individuals. The mission has been completed!

The rescue’s communications director, Tabitha Treloar, told The Dodo:

He’s a loving cat, but he prefers to come to you first. Stevie Wonder has benefited much from Price’s assistance in being more extroverted. They’ve developed an unbreakable relationship.

Stevie has “truly learned to traverse his entire environment,” according to Treloar, and he’s gotten quite “comfortable” at the shelter.

Source: Richmond SPCA

McIntyre is hoping to adopt Stevie in the near future since he has become so close to him. However, until he receives permission from his mother, the two will have to continue reading the ‘Harry Potter’ series. According to McIntyre,

He now allows me to stroke him and kiss his head, and he’s turned into such a sweetie. It took a long time, but it was well worth the wait.