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A Guy Notices The Cutest Little Squirrels Napping Outside His Window

Ludwig C. Timm detected some activity at his house in Germany a few months ago. It turned out there was a little building project going on right outside his bathroom window.

“At first, we just saw a few of tiny twigs on the windowsill. “We believed it was blown there by the wind,” Timm told The Dodo. “Then we noticed the squirrels constructing.”

The squirrels had picked this location to establish their family and build their nest.

The unexpected birth provided Timm, a photographer, with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture squirrels up close — especially when the furry family grew.

Of course, the nest wasn’t just a place to sleep. It was also a nursery.

Timm has been keeping a careful eye on the squirrels and their ever-growing kids outside his window for months. One image in particular sticks out among the images of their regular life.

Timm noticed this while monitoring the nest the other day: the squirrels were snuggled up and taking a nap:

“It was really fortunate for me to be able to photograph the sleeping squirrels,” Timm stated. “Normally, they sleep inside the nest, but it was so hot that day that they slept outside where I could see them.”

A few sleeping squirrels may appear to be a simple sight. However, witnessing it personally is priceless.

It all started with a few of twigs outside Timm’s window.

“It’s a wonderful coincidence [that they selected that location],” Timm added. “We got to see the squirrels mature.”