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6-Year-Old Dog Learned How To Walk On Two Legs After A Car Accident

Meet the adorable three-legged dog named Dexter. He is 6-year-old and has lost one of his front legs because got hit by a car.

But now Dexter has learned how to walk on two legs. Actually he looks like a human when he walks and everyone in Internet has gone crazy.

Dexter owner, Kentee has told Bored Panda the story of dog.

“He came into our life as a four-legged puppy, we adopted him. His birthday is April 2015. He is now six. Back in March 2016, he was hit by a car.”

Also Kentee added that people are shocked when they see dog walking.

“They are shocked, surprised or they yell his name and come hug him. One walk, a car did a U-turn while a lady was screaming his name and in front of a huge group of people, she ran all the way to him and hugged him like a long-lost friend. She had been a follower on Instagram for a while. It shocked the crowd and they began asking questions about Dexter.”

Dexter is so healthy and happy to have a loving family!