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Bunny Steals His Owner’s Food By Climbing On The Back Of His Bulldog Sister

After his own published a video of his recent achievement together, a beautiful rabbit and his sister, an adorable puppy bulldog, have become TikTok stars.

Credit: anto8686

They are two stunning creatures that are more than just household pets; they are true soul brothers. There is no one better than animals to teach us the true meaning of devotion, unconditional love, and being with you “in good times and bad.”

Credit: anto8686

The finest crime in history was committed by a rabbit riding on the back of his bulldog sister.

Credit: anto8686

The characters of the most amusing scenario were the tiny crooks that live with their owner in Argentina. And there was his human at the ideal time to capture everything and share such an act of brotherhood, camaraderie, and mischief with the rest of the globe.

The young guy filmed the moment when the two dogs joined together as perfect “fellows in crime” to get a delectable dinner that their owner had stored very well in the fridge to take to work the next day.

Credit: anto8686

According to the author of the popular video, @ anto8686, who has over 30,000 followers on TikTok, his rabbit became very wealthy thanks to his bulldog named Pánfila.

Both animals, it turns out, understood just how and when to do it, therefore they were apparently not captured. So they went about carrying out their plan discreetly in the middle of the morning, without thinking that their owner knew them too well.

Credit: anto8686

“They both thought I wouldn’t listen to anything,” the young man in his post explained.

Credit: anto8686

The event soon elicited widespread laughter on social media, thanks to the odd and amusing behavior of the nice Pánfila, who patiently waited for her pal to complete satisfying his appetite.

Here’s the amazing moment, which has racked up over 86,000 likes, 600,000 replicas, and hundreds of comments on social media:


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♬ Amigo (Roberto Carlos) – Ivan Arturo “La Voz Versatil”

The tiny ones quickly stole the hearts of the entire globe to the melody of Roberto Carlos’ well-known song, «You are my soul brother,» which is excellent to depict the unbreakable tie that binds this duo.

Along with the scenes, the following verse may be heard: «Throughout the day, you are my soul’s friend.» Each arrival is greeted with a cheerful smile and a warm embrace ». As a result, it’s hardly surprising that the emotive photographs left more than one of them permanently smiling.

Credit: anto8686

The bunny’s ears were halted at one point, as if he wanted to show the world how pleased and glad he was to have his best buddy and real soul sister.

A loyal dog who is willing to offer him her back so that he can satisfy her stomach.

Credit: anto8686

The ecstatic netizens’ remarks continue unabated. “It’s an awesome moment,” “I adore the relationship these animals have,” and “I love the bond these animals have” are among the most popular. “How great,” they say, “they’re incredibly cute.”

Another TikTok user had this to say about the dog’s demeanor:

“The dog is pleading with him to save something for me.”

Credit: anto8686

“You are so casual, like no one is monitoring you,” another netizen said. Others, on the other hand, did not stop praising the cute pets:

“”That is genuine collaboration and excellent love, the rest is rubbish,” “The greatest creatures on the earth”, “For this and much more, the best beings on the planet”, ” How much can we humans learn from these adorable creatures?” ” They were both gorgeous, hungry, and worked together to attain their goals. It was now the bunny’s time, and the dog was delighted to assist her pal. Is there anything sweeter or more admirable than this?”

Credit: anto8686